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Blackcurrant Absolute

Blackcurrant Absolute

Fruity, floral and green

Blackcurrant absolute has a very complexe fragrance, that can be describe as a walk in a luxurious green forest, full of fruits, flowers and sweets. The scent is comforting, fresh and envigorating at the same time, helping to create unique perfumes.

Description Part of the Ribes genus, the black currant shrub (also spelled ‘blackcurrant’ or called ‘cassis’ by some), is native to Europe and Asia. It is very popular in traditional medicines for its anti-inflammatory properties and the fruit is a rich source of vitamin C, which helps to maintain the skin’s elasticity. Lush uses blackcurrant absolute made in France from the buds of the plant. It is rare and very appreciated in perfumery. The underside of the blackcurrant leaf contains odoriferous glands which hold its potent fruity fragrance.

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