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Moringa Oil

Moringa Oil

The miracle plant

Nicknamed the miracle plant, moringa oil is light, antioxidant rich and highly nutritious. It strengthens the hair, and soothes and softens the skin.

Description Belonging to the Moringaceae family, the moringa plant is cultivated in parts of Africa, as well as in its native Asia. Also known as the drumstick tree, along with its many other names, the plant has the ability to survive in harsh conditions particularly in areas with minimal rainfall. Although the SLush fund has evolved, Lush continues to work alongside the Ghana Permaculture Institute (GPI) and has been buying moringa oil from them since 2013. Set up by Paul Yeobah, the GPI teaches permaculture practices to educate its students about alternative sustainable farming methods. The institute works to regenerate degraded land, as well as working with the local community to provide jobs and of course, moringa oil. Moringa oil is created from moringa seeds, the excess or byproduct produced after the oil is removed is known as cake. This cake can be used to feed biogas system digesters for cooking, as animal feed and as a fertiliser that farmers can then use to grow crops such as maize, yams and plantain. Moringa oil is also used in medicines and for water purification.

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