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Myrrh Resinoid

Myrrh Resinoid

Warming and spicy

Myrrh has a distinctive, decadent spicy aroma and is used for it’s antiseptic and skin soothing qualities as well as to add warmth to fragrance blends.

Description Sharing similar features to frankincense (Burseraceae) Myrrh is a resin produced by small sturdy trees . These grow to no more than 9 feet in height and inhabit the semi-desert regions of Yemen, Libya, and Iran. They can also be found along the coast of the Red Sea. A yellow liquid is discharged and extracted naturally from cracks or cuts in the trunk of the tree, setting into brownish-red pieces called gum. Steam distillation is used to extract an essential oil from the resin. Most myrrh, however, is used as a resinoid, which is obtained by solvent extraction. When burnt, it expands and blooms, rather than melting.

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