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Persian Lime Oil

Persian Lime Oil

Toning and brightening

Lime oil is astringent and has an enzymic effect which helps to remove dead skin cells, helping to get the skin glowing and toned while boosting the mood with its sharp, fresh scent. It adds shine to the hair as the acidity of the fruit causes the hair cuticles to lie flat, meaning they'll reflect more light.

Lime oil is obtained from the fruit of Citrus aurantifolia trees. The fruit is generally picked when green and unripe, making them higher in acid and sugar than lemons. Large amounts of vitamin C gives the essential oil antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are compounds made by plants to prevent premature breakdowns of their cells caused by exposure to atmospheric agents like air, heat and sunlight. Applied topically, they are thought to protect skin as well, keeping it toned, supple and radiant. As with all citrus fruit, this fragrant oil is the first scent you pick out in a blend as it is a top note and evaporates first on your skin. In products invented for the mouth it cleanses and adds a zesty and refreshing flavour to the product. This oil is produced in Mexico and extracted by cold-pressing lime's peel.

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