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Introducing Independent eye liner, the easy way to create the unique flick, tick, wing, slick or smudge, of your dreams. You’re your own boss, so getting your eyeliner into, well, line, shouldn’t be a big deal.

This deep, blacker than black, liner is made using soothing Fair Trade Organic aloe vera gel, as well as xanthan gum, to provide intense, definition that lasts all-day-long - perfect for sensitive eyes.

Simply sweep Independent eyeliner close to the lashline, and the gentle, aloe vera gel infused formula will work its magic.

Once finished, recycle your glass jar at home with your household glass recycling. 

How to use: Blend it, smudge it, create flicks or wings. Whatever you do, dazzle! 

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Liquid Eyeliner

Stand on your own two feet

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Ellie Kim
On Flick

I used this Independent liquid eyeliner everyday in my work, and for me it's easy to apply especially when I'm on hurry and got messed up. I can easily removed it with 9 to 5 cleanser which is also a best seller here. You don't need too much of it to have perfectly black. The aloe vera gel makes the texture smooth and gentle when applying. I am thankful that it's so safe since my face can easily got an allergies on those products that has too much chemicals. Gave you 4 stars 'cause I wish it can last longer when it dries.

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