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Ingredients with Soaperpower

Ingredients with Soaperpower

Looking for the perfect soap to get really, truly and thoroughly clean? Start with fresh, fragrant ingredients.

When life gives us lemons, oranges, elderberries, eucalyptus and lavender, we slice, dice, squeeze and blend them into some of our most popular soaps. Why? Because when it comes to cleansing your skin, only the best will do.

Grab a slice of any of our soaps and you’ll find loads of skin-conditioning, dirt-crushing ingredients. We rely on them because they’re natural powerhouses when it comes to gently removing oil and dirt from your skin—plus, doses of fresh fruit and essential oils can lift your mood when you need it most.

Deep-cleansing eucalyptus

Made with both a eucalyptus infusion and eucalyptus oil, Outback Mate Soap has an intoxicating scent that will keep you coming back for more. Eucalyptus helps cut through dirt and oil to leave skin feeling ultra clean, while the refreshing tingle of peppermint oil and the uplifting aroma of lemongrass will keep you smiling all day long.

Enzymatic citrus

Sexy Peel Soap has been a longtime bestseller for a good reason. Freshly-squeezed citrus juices are naturally cleansing. Loaded with enzymes, they’ve got enough cleaning power to break through dirt and oil on your skin leaving it refreshed and clean. And with all that citrus goodness, it has a scent that’s sure to help you start the morning off right.

Get clean down under with Outback Mate

Outback Mate Soap

Softening elderberry

If your hands are getting a little worn out from too much washing, grab a slice of Respect Your Elders and suds up with this delicate, sweet-scented soap. We packed it with elderberries, which gives it the power to leave skin feeling silky-soft and smelling beautiful. Elderberries are also rich in antioxidants and bioflavonoids to give skin a deep clean and help keep it soothed and feeling beautifully soft.

Moisturizing maple Syrup

Along with the cleansing power of peppermint oil, Maypole is packed full of Canadian maple syrup. This creamy sudser will create a rich lather clean and soften skin thanks to the syrup—it also makes it gentle enough for those with sensitive skin.

Soothing lavender

And if you’re feeling stressed out, seek out some reassuring ingredients like lavender. We use lavender in some of our most popular products to create a soothing, relaxing experience—and Sleepy Soap is no exception. This calming, happy little cloud is made from an exquisite blend of soothing lavender oil and oat milk, as well as a touch of fragrant tonka absolute. The result is a sudser that leaves you feeling as calm as it does clean.

For more tips on finding the perfect soap to keep you clean, fresh and fragrant, contact us on Facebook or Instagram.

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