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Rose Water

Rose Water

Calms and soothes

To make our rose water, we use the finest rose absolute from Senir in Turkey, dispersed in water with other essential oils. It helps to calm the skin and reduce redness so it's perfect for facial skincare products. The rose water is made in small batches and added to our fresh handmade products at the factory.

Description The rose has long been known as a romantic flower, and its uplifting scent has a calming effect on the mind: Romans scattered rose petals on the marital bed and both Greeks and Romans infused rose petals in water to make an early form of rose water. Roses symbolise love and beauty and the rose is known as the 'queen of flowers'. Rose water's use in cosmetics has been widespread from cold creams to soaps; its ability both to soothe the skin as well as calm the mind with its delicate fragrance, has been recognised for centuries.

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