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Follow the trail of earthy oakmoss absolute to find yourself in emerald swathes of the freshest foliage.

Scent Description: Revel in an aroma reminiscent of balmy morning dew after quenching rains. Let the rousing spice of cypress oil surround and revive weary senses.

You’ll love this if you like:
-Grounding oakmoss and bursts of juicy lime oil.
-Guardian Of The Forest bath bomb.
-Embracing your inner woodland sprite.

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Guardian of the Forest

Body Spray

Cypress, oakmoss and rosewood

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Customer Reviews

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close to Grass

My ultimate favorite Lush scent is Grass, so when the shower gel was discontinued, I've searched everywhere for alternatives. Nothing comes close, except maybe this. At first spray it did remind me of Grass - bright and green - combined with Sunny Day (hair detangler). The drydown is different, Guardian of the Forest smells more masculine and soapy. I still prefer Grass, but, this is a good alternative.

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