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When your skin feels like it needs a deep clean, use this clarifying charcoal facial soap. It?s gentle enough for your face, but you can use it all over your body. Rosewood and sandalwood add a comforting scent and help to keep skin clear.

How to use:

Simply lather in your hands and massage over wet skin before rinsing away for a bright, clean glow.

How to store:

Keep somewhere cool and dry before use and then pop on a soap dish between washes.

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Facial Soap

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Customer Reviews

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Maybe not for me?

So I did a lot of research before trying out this one because Fresh Farmacy has been working well for me. My friends have been using this and it showed wonderful results so I gave it a try. As compared to Fresh Farmacy, Coalface lathers up more. It also leaves a matte finish. Unfortunately, I had breakouts after trying out this one. Maybe this isn't for me. :(


I think my skin is still adjusting to Coalface as I am still having breakouts. But I'm not that easy to give up on a product and I do trust other people's reviews on Coalface. Hopefully i'll see some changes in the future! :)

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