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Synthetic fluorphlogopite and synthetic mica

Synthetic fluorphlogopite and synthetic mica


Synthetic fluorphlogopite, more widely referred to as synthetic mica, is one of the components of plastic-free glitters, lustres and pigments. Depending on its thickness and the oxides it is coated with, a wide variety of effects, shimmers and colours can be achieved.

Mica is one of the main compounds of granite and it is the name given to a group of similar silicate minerals that form together into a shimmering and laminate mineral. Because of concerns over child labour in the mining of natural mica, Lush has made a commitment to remove it completely from its production. Synthetic mica is made in a lab. It’s purer and brighter than natural mica. It has a more uniform finish which does not contain any sharp edges, making it particularly suitable for makeup products used around the delicate eye area.

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